Public design


The image of the interior of public spaces - a light space with natural textures, earthy color combinations. The conceptual interior design of the public accommodations is the maximum convergence with nature.

The interior becomes one with the landscape theme of the yard thanks to the combinations of textures of wood and stone. The main emphasis is made on visual noise reduction and stable color solutions that is comfortable for the eye - this helps reduce the level of tension and anxiety of residents, which is essential in large cities.

The authenticity of the natural wood underlines the return to the roots, and the light shade of wood provides the room with elegance, warmth, and a cozy atmosphere, especially during the winter months.

Year 2022 год
Area Площадь помещения - 4800 м² м2
Name Scandinavia
Project type Public design
Main architector
Garipov Rinat
Mikhailova Anastasia

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