Public design

PUBLIC SPACES Valley of the Light

The design project for the 6 buildings of the apartment complex, located on the border of the city and territories of nature. The complex is characterized by the consistency of lines and bright colors, the proximity of sports facilities. Our idea is to bring the logic of the location into the public areas. The transition from the nature to the buildings must not cause any dissonance. 

All the entrances are designed in a single style, and the colors of the facades are used for the interior design. The entrances are pass-through, and thanks to the stained-glass windows, there is no shortage of natural light. Each entrance is designed with special areas for wheelchairs and bicycles.

Year 2021 год
Area Площадь помещения -- 4000 м² м2
Name PUBLIC SPACES Valley of the Light
Project type Public design
Main architector
Mukhametshina Svetlana
Fayrushina Galina
Shaikhrazieva Zarina

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