Public design

PUBLIC SPACES City of the Sun Super

The residential complex embodies modern trends in architecture and the creation of spaces for living. Brevity, eco-friendliness and functionality are intertwined here. 

The design is based on the corporate colors of the apartment complex. The main task was to keep the consistent concept. A recognizable visual style accompanies the residents from the entrance to the courtyard to the apartment door. This principle was the basis for the choice of forms, colors and materials. 
For example, the hallway from the entrance to the elevator is designed on one level, and the entrances themselves are made of translucent elements.
Year 2021 год
Area Площадь помещения -- 5000 м² м2
Name PUBLIC SPACES City of the Sun Super
Project type Public design
Main architector
Garipov Rinat
Mikhailova Anastasia

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