Alatyr park

One of the winners of the third All-Russian competition for the best projects for creating a comfortable urban environment. The project involves beautification of the historical part of the town of Alatyr in the Chuvash Republic.

A tourist route, the Red Thread, runs along the park. If you follow it, you can get to the main tourist attractions of the city: Holy Trinity Monastery, Kazan Pyatnitskaya Church, Alatyr local history museum and Nikolo-Znamenskaya Church. The thread ща history binds the past and the future in the present, intertwines people's destinies, history and life of the city. Memorable places and recreation areas become points of attraction for citizens and tourists.

Along the route information boards are placed, telling visitors about the monuments and their historical significance. The ultimate goal is to form a community of interested people. They will support the park and help turn it into an iconic public space in the town of Alatyr.

Year 2020 год
Area Площадь участка - 40 000 м² м2
Name Alatyr park
Project type Landscaping
Main architector
Blinova Anastasiya
Garipov Rinat

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