Mekhebet Park

We were faced with the task to "activate" the park as a venue for events, attract sports enthusiasts to the area and create new points of attraction. When implementing the project, we pursued the unifying idea of the territory - love for one's neighbor, family, traditions, culture.

The cultural axis of the park consists of a multifunctional amphitheater, the main square and an alley with objects of art. The quiet zone does not conflict with the event and game zones, in order not to interfere with those who came to have a quiet rest.

By design, the amphitheater is integrated into the existing landscape, thus becoming a part of the park, the square is a pergola, where swings for all ages are located. Due to the location of the playground under the slope, the loud sounds of children playing do not stop other visitors from socializing and admiring the beauty of the park.

Year 2020 год
Area Площадь участка - 22 475 м² м2
Name Mekhebet Park
Project type Landscaping
Main architector
Blinova Anastasiya
Garipov Rinat

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