Residential design

Showroom in Art City apartment complex

In the beginning of our architectural bureau career, we also designed apartment interiors. One of these projects was a showroom, or, should we say, a demonstration apartment in the Art City Residential Complex. Potential buyers of this real estate were brought there and were shown that what they see is what they can actually get after renovation in their new apartments in this complex. 

During the development, we tried to recreate the atmosphere of people actually living in this apartment, having people think that the residents of this apartment are just not at home, but might come back anytime. According to the scenario, a young family with children lives in this apartment. One of the children is a high school student, the other is an elementary school student. Both are into sports. 

After developing the design project, we helped the customer arrange every little detail in the apartment to create the most atmospheric space possible.

Year 2019
Area Площадь помещения - 78 м² м2
Name Showroom in Art City apartment complex
Project type Residential design
Main architector
Garipov Rinat
Fayrushina Galina

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