Vishnevka, residential complex

The project of the new residential complex is a progressive look on housing development, which combines comfortable infrastructure, environmental friendliness, romance and art.

A real cherry orchard could grow in a place with such a poetic name. Just imagine: the trees connect the courtyards, open public spaces, parks, greenhouses, and sports fields into a single ecosystem. Anton Chekhov told dozens of timeless stories, and we are empowered to create many scenarios for visiting indoor spaces.

Our task is to bring together all the inviting aspects of country and city life, to maximize the use of beautiful views of the city in the design. The unique landscape, which this area is gifted with, will be the starting point for the transformation of the territory. Another significant advantage is that all the necessary infrastructure is located inside the construction site.

Area Площадь территории - 399 947 м² м2
Name Vishnevka, residential complex
Project type Masterplans
Main architector
Garipov Rinat
Mutavalova Nazyra
Yaryeva Lilia

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