Concept project of a city street in Kazan

Our architectural bureau does a lot of urban planning projects and the development of large territories. The first step before starting to develop a territory is making a concept. We analyze the territory. We study all the pedestrian and transportation links. We look at how the area is used now, and what elements of landscape we can preserve. We try to find the identity of the area, and only then do we begin to develop the architectural objects. 

In this project we came up with the idea to arrange the houses with dominants, with connected courtyards at the level of the stylobate, internal boulevards and a park for residents.

Year 2022 год
Area Общая площадь -- 40 га м2
Name Concept project of a city street in Kazan
Project type Masterplans
Main architector
Garipov Rinat
Goryacheva Alena
Lead Architect
Konopleva Anastasia

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