Reflections courtyard

The first conceptual project in Krasnodar. The area of the complex is designed following European style and provides modern recreational areas for the whole family. A green courtyard with an alley, elegant architecture, stylish landscape design, convenient pedestrian walkways and playgrounds will suit those who value comfortable life.

Conceptually the area of the yard is a reference to the "Wonderland". There are the topical zones: "Shadow Show", "The world behind the Looking Glass" and "Square of Sounds". The courtyard contains a sundial, trampolines, swings, a suspension bridge, a climbing maze and other activities.
All elements of the space - landscape design, paving, small architectural forms - everything is designed in one style in natural, low-key shades. Wood and porcelain stoneware are used in the construction of public spaces.
Year 2021 год
Area Площадь участка - 27 953 м² м2
Name Reflections courtyard
Project type Landscaping
Main architector
Gabradkhmanova Ilsiyar
Garipov Rinat
Mutavalova Nazyra

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