City of the Sun Super

The concept of the area development was built around the word "super" in the name of the residential complex. So, each element of the courtyard is based on something excellent, so are the rest of the elements of the complex.

The spaces around the entrances are dedicated to the largest botanical garden in the world - "Eden", they directly refer to its architectural elements and highlights. The central outdoor area is inspired by the Roman Colosseum, and the children's playground is dedicated to the heroes of the Marvel universe. The sports area of the residential complex is dedicated to the highest peak in the world - Mount Everest. The track for skateboards, scooters and tricycles refers to Formula 1 racetracks.

Year 2020 год
Area Площадь участка -- 31 258 м² м2
Name City of the Sun Super
Project type Landscaping
Main architector
Gabradkhmanova Ilsiyar
Garipov Rinat
Fayrushina Galina

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