Lenin Square, Yakutsk

The key idea of   the project is the synthesis of the original culture of Yakutia and the unique natural environment. Nature is the most important and main sacred symbol of the Sakha. That is why hills appeared on the square, on which it is proposed to plant plants from all over Yakutia.

In the center of the square there is a spiral of the eternal Yakut calendar in the form of a dry fountain. The image of the calendar symbolizes the inextricable link with the traditions and culture of the Sakha people, over time and the dynamic development of Yakutia.

Along the perimeter of the square there are public areas with catering establishments, souvenir shops, information centers, exhibition grounds, etc.

The covering of the area is made of concrete tiles with a granite top layer. Hill pavilions are constructed of wood and covered with a layer of vegetable soil-substrate, which has artificial heating and a microclimate system. The seats of the amphitheater are electrically heated for the long cold season.

The renovated square will become the main event space not only for the city, but for the entire republic.

Year 2019 год
Area Площадь территории - 20 332 м² м2
Name Lenin Square, Yakutsk
Project type Concept
Main architector
Valiullin Almaz
Garipov Rinat

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