A "New Generation Lab" is an architectural reinterpretation of the port elevator building in Kazan. It is based on the famous triad of Marc Vitruvius - "strength, utility, and beauty". 

During the reconstruction, the three-part design is converted into blocks. Each block has its own logic:
beauty → creativity → studios and classrooms;
strength → science → multidisciplinary laboratories;
utility→ entrepreneurship → co-working spaces and working zones.
Each block design will have capsule housing, a variety of lounges, services and utility rooms. The "Next Generation Labs" literally combine the creative and practical elements.
Year 2019 год
Area Площадь объектов - 61 173 м² м2
Name Biennale
Project type Concept
Main architector
Gabradkhmanova Ilsiyar
Garipov Rinat

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