Residential architecture

Costura Town, apartment complex

An apartment complex, which incorporates a new look at the historical center of Kazan. The project integrates traditional values and identities of the city, it aspires to expand on the architectural ideas, established hundred years ago. The urban development concept which we followed, based on the design of Josep Acebillo, is to retain the neighborhood contour of the historical building with the openness of the territory.
Wide sidewalks increase the pedestrian comfort, the location of playgrounds on the stylobate part increases the privacy of this area for the residents.
The entire complex consists of five houses of varying height from six to eight floors. High-rise centerpieces support the street profile and shape the perspective of the complex. The stylobate, which faces Ostrovskogo Street, has a large glazed area, which
makes up the active front of the street. The apartment blocks differ from one another through their façade solutions, at the same time preserving the general stylistics of the complex. This solution gives a personal touch to each house, creating a multi-layered urban environment.
Traditional materials and modern ideas create a dialogue between space and time. It gives a dynamic touch to the complex, bringing the urban space to life. The buildings not only go along with the logic of the place, but add to it, underscoring bright and memorable accents.
Year 2022 год
Area Общая площадь - 8394 м² м2
Name Costura Town, apartment complex
Project type Residential architecture
Main architector
Garipov Rinat
Gerasimova Anastasiya
Pirogova Ksenya
Chief Project Engineer
Spychkov Vlad

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