Public design

Office for management in MEGA mall

The concept of the office space for mall management is an attempt to add Scandinavian spirit, nature and philosophy to the workflow. Using the language of architecture, our team succeeded in creating an atmosphere where the company's employees can feel a part of the whole, unlock their potential and generate fresh ideas.

The MEGA office space is divided into several zones aimed at recreating the atmosphere of Scandinavian nature: the work zone resembles a northern village; the mezzanine is a mountain system with built-in cave-like meeting rooms. There is its own green farm - literally a piece of the green forest, and a real waterfall is designed into the kitchen area.

Year 2018 год
Area Площадь помещения -- 1400 м² м2
Name Office for management in MEGA mall
Project type Public design
Main architector
Gabradkhmanova Ilsiyar
Garipov Rinat

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