Public architecture

Children's art school

Not so long ago our bureau received a proposal to take part in a tender to develop a design concept for a children's art school in Bugulma under the aegis of "Tatneft" company. We gladly accepted the challenge. We like to participate in this kind of tenders because they reveal the best ideas possible. 

We wanted to make the concept of a children's art school as fairy-tale-like as possible, so that children would be in a space that would stimulate their creativity. And we had the idea of making our space like in the book of "Alice in Wonderland". The entrance is in the form of a burrow into which Alice falls. The two-light spaces inside, flowing into each other. Tunnels and portals inside. And there's also a play of light so that the façade and interior spaces can be dynamic and change depending the time of the day.

Our bureau won that tender, and now we are doing the detail design to bring the project to implementation.

Year 2022 год
Area Площадь объектов - 3200 м² м2
Name Children's art school
Project type Public architecture
Main architector
Chief Project Engineer
Valiullina Guzel
Garipov Rinat
Gerasimova Anastasiya
Executive Director
Alexey Makhalov
Yudakova Anna

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